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Project Delivery Methods: Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Owner-Build, Construction Management, Integrated Project Delivery

Each new construction project is unique due to the infinite possible scenarios for project delivery, design process, and procurement method.  Our professionals have achieved the Construction Documents Technologist certification from The Construction Specifications Institute, which serves as our foundation for helping the project team clearly establish roles, responsibilities, and expectations of all the project stakeholders. 

The Building Process:  Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Coordination, and Installation 

​Our contribution to the technical specifications at an early stage of new construction projects establishes properly defined project scope, quality, aesthetic, and performance requirements. We provide insight and expertise throughout every stage of the facility life cycle. We have established relationships in the A/E/C industry and provide positive collaboration to the project team to achieve the common goal of a successful project.

Building Code Requirements:  IBC, IECC, ASHRAE, OSHA, ADA

We have in-depth knowledge of building code requirements that protect the safety and well-being of building occupants from man-made and natural hazards. We work with the authorities having jurisdiction to assure that the exterior wall system is in compliance with these requirements to ensure a smooth process for obtaining a building occupancy permit. 

Design and Construction Documents:  Architectural Drawings, Specifications, Project Manual

​Owners and Architects benefit from our knowledge and experience for providing objective guidance to navigate the many nuances related to facade design. This allows them to achieve the desired appearance and performance while considering construction feasibility limitations, as well as life cycle costs.

Construction Submittals:  Shop Drawings, Engineering Calculations, Product Data, Test Reports

During product procurement and the submittal process, we provide a wide range of services as it relates to the proposed exterior wall materials and systems. We offer our expertise to owners and architects to confirm compliance with project requirements. For general contractors, we provide insight for coordinating the various trades so that project deadlines, budgets, and specified requirements can be achieved. Subcontractors utilize our services to help generate these required submittals

Construction Administration:   Pre-Construction Coordination, Field Observations, Quality Control Testing  

Proper coordination and execution is critical for ensuring a successful installation of the exterior wall assemblies. We provide the knowledge and experience in administering a comprehensive QA/QC program. All project stakeholders benefit from this being validated by an independent 3rd party that has in-depth knowledge of industry-recognized ASTM testing standards, protocol, and evaluation criteria.

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