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There are times in which building facades do not perform as intended, which can result in excessive energy consumption or deterioration to exterior wall components and interior finishes. RosenBEC diagnosis the root-cause of failure in accordance with industry accepted test methods, and we specialize in developing practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for complex facade-related problems.   

RosenBEC has extensive experience in investigating a variety of exterior wall materials and systems. Every project presents unique challenges, which is why our customers rely on our expertise to solve their building enclosure problems.  Typical facade forensic investigations include:

Water Penetration
Objectionable Appearance of Vision Glass 
Failed Insulating Glass Unit
Tempered Glass Spontaneous Breakage
Excessive Air Infiltration
Non-Uniform Color of Spandrel Glass
Interior Condensation
Glass Thermal Stress Breakage
Masonry Efflorescence
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