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First and foremost, we listen to the needs of the customer. We then assess and evaluate project specifics to identify any potential concerns, or known problems, so that an applicable action plan can be developed. RosenBEC provides solutions that offer the following benefits: 

Public Safety

​Regardless if involved during design, construction, or remediation efforts, RosenBEC always prioritizes the safety of building occupants and nearby pedestrians. We are well-versed in life-safety building code requirements for facade design, as well as other common practices to ensure the safety of the general public from man-made and natural disasters.

Comfort to Building Occupants

​It is important that the building facade protects the occupants from outside environmental conditions. RosenBEC strives to appease the physical and psychological comfort of the building occupants against temperature differential, sound transmission, solar glare, and contamination of indoor air quality. 

Environmental Sustainability

​RosenBEC offers practical design strategies to preserve natural resources by maximizing the serviceable life of a building’s exterior wall. This is accomplished by ensuring proper design, specifying durable materials, and high quality finishes.

Energy Efficiency

​Buildings consume a significant amount of energy primarily due to demands for heating, cooling, and lighting. RosenBEC stays current with ever-evolving ‘green’ building practices and code requirements to minimize a building's energy consumption. We focus on the construction details such as continuity of the weather barrier, location and thickness of cavity insulation, and lack of thermal short-circuits to ensure optimal performance. In addition, we provide assistance with incorporating innovative technologies such as ‘smart’ and power-generating glazing into the facade. 

Cost Savings

​In order for the project team to achieve their budget goals and scheduling milestones, it is critical that all of the various trades and systems be properly coordinated. RosenBEC provides sound engineering insight in a timely manner so that the project can progress as planned. We also offer alternative solutions that provide a value enhancement to the proposed exterior wall materials and systems. Our involvement on a project minimizes the potential for future problems, which ultimately provides cost savings. 

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