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Facades are generally constructed with multiple building materials, each with their own unique system design challenges. RosenBEC focuses on the individual performance of these systems, as well as their integration throughout the building enclosure. Our professional staff's extensive project experience, both domestic and international, equips us to mitigate risk on new construction projects as well as develop appropriate repairs on existing buildings.

Glazing Systems

​Architects have increasingly been utilizing glass on commercial building projects over the past few decades. The advent of high performance low-e coatings, laminated interlayers, gas filling of the IGU airspace, warm-edge spacers, ceramic fritted spandrel glass, as well as electrochromic, thermochromic, and dichromic glass present endless design opportunities. However, trade-offs do exist between product appearance, performance, quality, and durability. Project design and construction teams depend on RosenBEC for unbiased product information to minimize the potential for objectionable glass unit appearance, systemic thermal stress breakage, or inadequate product performance.

The predominant material of choice for the framing members of commercial window systems is aluminum due to its light weight, superior strength, and excellent durability. RosenBEC is well-versed in the different aluminum alloy types, anodic and painted finishes, and temper options available that can be specified to accommodate the owner’s needs. Our knowledge of the Aluminum Design Manual allows us to minimize project costs by obtaining optimal structural and thermal performance. We also provide guidance on the apporpriate selection of a water management system, whether it be barrier, drainage, or rainscreen pressure equalized.   

  • Custom Unitized Curtain Wall

  • Stick-Built Curtain Wall

  • Structural Glass Wall Systems

  • Point Supported Glass

  • Window Wall

  • Storefront

  • Punched Windows

  • Terrace Doors

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • Folding Glass Walls

  • Hung Windows

  • Operable Windows

  • Skylights and Sloped Glazing

  • Sunshades and Louvers


Properly designed and installed masonry veneer walls are highly durable, low maintenance, as well as provide both acoustical and thermal mass benefits.  However, there are numerous design details that must be considered for proper performance such as flashings, mortar type, air barrier continuity, fire resistance requirements, and provisions for seismic loads.  Let RosenBEC assist with these complex issues.


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Precast concrete panels is a versatile cladding component that can easily be integrated with adjacent wall systems. However, improper detailing can negatively affect their performance and longevity. RosenBEC provides design assistance to help minimize future problems.


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Thin stone veneer cladding is popular among architects for its unique appearance, however proper design and engineering is critical. RosenBEC knows the necessary steps to determine  the ultimate rupture strength, and then apply the applicable design safety factors for proper anchorage. 


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A widely used exterior wall cladding system is EIFS. It is attractive to building owners because of its wide product offering, excellent thermal performance, and cost effectiveness. However, past experience has shown that proper design and installation are critical. During construction administration, RosenBEC reviews product submittals as well as field installed conditions to confirm that the system is installed in general compliance with approved plans.

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Metal Panels

Metal panels come in a wide assortment of materials and finishes, each with their own unique set of design considerations. Metal panels can be adapted to a number of systems such as curtain walls, as well as other rainscreen cladding types. Be it painted aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, copper, or composite panels, RosenBEC can assist the design of metal panel facades.


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Exterior Wall Components

There is more to the building enclosure than what can be seen from the outside. Comprised within the above mentioned exterior wall systems are components that serve critical roles in the overall wall performance. Proper product selection, design, and installation are necessary to achieve the design intent. RosenBEC provides guidance on the following components, amongst others: 


Sometimes used as an architectural component, and other times as a structural element, steel is widely used in the construction of building facades. When properly protected from moisture and other dissimilar materials, it is an effective building material. RosenBEC provides insight on the various protection finish options such as stainless, painted, galvanized, epoxy coated, and zinc plated.

Weather Barriers

Cladding systems that utilize the rainscreen principle, back ventilation, pressure equalized design, or just simple "cavity wall construction" demand effective weather barrier design and installation. Achieving continuity to adjacent systems such windows and curtain walls is of critical importance when considering performance objectives and life cycle costs.  Whether using vapor permeable or impermeable, fluid applied or sheet goods, RosenBEC utilizes their wealth of experience to assist the design/selection process, as well as field review and testing services.


Thermal Insulation and Firesafing

The ever-changing energy codes have imposed stringent thermal requirements for the building enclosure. Smoke and fire performance have also introduced unique design challenges for complex building conditions. Let RosenBEC provide assistance with navigating the various insulation types, and understanding their tradeoffs.

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