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RosenBEC provides a variety of services to assist during the design process of building enclosure systems. Our insight helps the project design team comply with project requirements, while maximizing system performance and minimizing costs. These services include review of project design loads, structural calculations, finite element modeling, window system design,  and remedial repair protocol:

Design Loads and Parameters 

  • Wind

  • Snow and Ice

  • Seismic

  • Bomb Blast

  • Missile Impact

  • Interstory Drift

  • Vertical Movements

  • Construction Tolerances

Exterior Wall Energy Performance

  • U-Factor

  • Temperature Gradient

  • Condensation Risk Analysis

Glazing Solar and Optical Properties

  • Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light, Infrared Light

  • Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorptance

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

  • Spectrally Selective Glazing

  • Tdk-Iso

  • RF Sound Attenuation

Glass Structural Properties

  • Point Supported Glass

  • Glass Structural Wall Systems

  • Butt-Glazed

  • Load Resistance

  • Center-of-Glass Deflection

  • Surface Compressive Stresses

Structural Properties of Window Framing Members

  • Modulus of Elasticity

  • Section Modulus

  • Yield Strength

  • Bending Stresses

  • Deflection  

Curtain Wall Mullion Stability

  • Open C-Channel Sections

  • Lateral Torsional Buckling

  • Unbraced Length

  • Permanent Deformation

  • Horizontal Bracing

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