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Our Mission

To communicate complex technical topics in a simplified and relatable manner so our clients are well-equipped to make strategic decisions.



Our Vision

To be the preferred advisor for those seeking an impartial assessment of building enclosure systems, with a primary focus on performance-related attributes. We will earn the confidence of new clients by being diligent and responsive, then maintain their acclaim by striving for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business operations.

Our Values

We perform our work with integrity and objectivity to remain a trusted resource within the A/E/C community.

Our Role

​We service the needs of our clients, while respecting the position of other project stakeholders:

  • Protect the interests and investment of the building owner.

  • Promote the performance expectations of the architect.

  • Preserve the proposed schedule, budget, and coordination items of the general contractor.

  • Perceive the materials and system design provided by subcontractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

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