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Building Materials:  Glass, Aluminum, Steel, Concrete, Stone, Masonry, EIFS, Stucco

​Buildings can be clad with a wide variety of materials, each of which have unique design and performance characteristics. RosenBEC is well versed with the technical publications for the respective industry organizations and have professionals certified as AAMA FenestrationMaster as well as AWCI Certified EIFS Inspector. These credentials provide assurance that impartial and accurate information is being provided during product selection, as well as during evaluation of installed conditions.  

Exterior Wall Systems:  Curtain Wall, Windows, Skylights, Precast, Cavity Wall Construction, Insulated panels

​The design team is challenged with selecting an exterior wall assembly that provides the best value for the owner. We evaluate the desired performance and assist with selecting the most appropriate water-management system (whether it be drainage, pressure equalized, or barrier) based on available budget. Regardless of the chosen facade type, we provide solutions to ensure that the materials will be installed in a manner that maintains continuity throughout the entire building enclosure.

Design Considerations:   Building Movements, Load Transfer, Vapor Diffusion, Ultraviolet Light Degradation, Thermal Expansion/Contraction, Freeze/Thaw Cycling, Construction Tolerances, Bird Collision Deterrence, Firesafing, Smoke Seal, Missile Impact, Bomb Blast, Condensation Resistance

​The items that should be considered during design are limitless. RosenBEC coordinates the applicable design parameters so the architect's needs are properly incorporated into the design documents. Our background and experience allows us to provide a clear understanding of the necessary steps to minimize the potential for future problems.

Building Enclosure Specifications:  Performance Criteria, Aesthetic Requirements, Warranties, Quality Assurance, Quality Control

​Having coordinated and well developed project specifications is necessary to clearly define the expectations of the contractors. RosenBEC provides insight on the necessary steps to ensure that the building facade will satisfy the desired outcome, such as requirements for full size pre-construction mock-ups. We also promote performance based specifications, as well as single source responsibility to minimize the potential for disputes, should problems arise.

Engineering Design:  Design Loads, Structural Design, Thermal Modeling, Psychometrics, RF Sound Attenuation

​The air, water, thermal, structural, and acoustical performance of a facade provides the necessary protection for the building and it occupants. We educate architects so that they specify the appropriate design parameters, and we also perform engineering analyses for subcontractors to confirm their systems are in compliance with project requirements. All calculations are overseen by a licensed professional engineer

Environmental Considerations:  Energy Efficiency, Day Lighting, Sustainability

​We have an on-staff USGBC LEED AP BD+C certified professional and we provide guidance on the latest  ‘green’ building practices that reduce energy consumption, utilize natural day lighting, and improve indoor air quality. Some potential benefits are long term cost savings to the owner, improving comfort to the building occupants, and minimizing the buildings impact on the environment.

Commissioning:   As-Built Conditions, Validation Testing, BECx 

​A properly defined project specification defines the performance criteria that the owner expects be delivered by the construction team. RosenBEC oversees the test protocol, with corresponding results, to proactively confirm that all exterior wall systems have been properly coordinated and that they perform accordingly

Forensic Investigations:  Water Penetration, Air Leakage, Structural Failure, Condensation, Mold Growth 

​There are times when building facades are not properly designed or constructed. In many cases, an independent facade specialist is needed to accurately determine the source of failure. We perform a root-cause analysis by thoroughly and methodically investigating the design documents and as-built conditions. Proper diagnosis is critical so that appropriate corrective action can be implemented. We have experience in many different types of facade failure and associative repair programs.

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