​When involved during the design and construction phases of a project, Rosen Scarfino provides investment protection to building developers. The benefits of minimizing energy costs, having a functional building, and a comfortable interior space that promotes employee productivity will be realized throughout the life of the building. We are an asset to the project team when involved during any phase of design or construction.


​Architects benefit from the knowledge and experience of Rosen Scarfino to guide them through potential challenges they may encounter throughout a project. We assist architects in the selection of exterior wall materials and systems, as well as the establishment of performance expectations for the exterior wall assemblies. We also provide oversight during construction to confirm that the contractors are adhering to the project plans and specifications.

General Contractors

​Rosen Scarfino assists general contractors achieve their project schedule and budgeting goals by helping coordinate the design and installation sequencing of the various trades. Our involvement helps ensure that the entire building enclosure will function together as a complete wall system, and thus minimize call backs after owner occupancy.

Glazing Contractors

​Rosen Scarfino services the needs of glazing contractors by providing engineering services in a cost-effective, timely manner, that are in compliant with project requirements. Because of our in-depth experience with numerous forensic investigations, we help glazing contractors prevent problems before they occur.